PR PRESS: Palaye Royale Boom Booming in Hollywoodland

Palaye Royale Boom Booming in Hollywoodland
Date: 3/2/2015
by: Guest: C.M. Marshall

(l-r) Palaye Royale comprised of members Emerson Barrett, Sebastian Danzig, and Remington Leith
Let’s talk about the Boom Boom Room shall we? For those of you not ‘in the know’ about this Iconic Music Cult happening, you might want to tap into Indie Fashion Art Rock Band: Palaye Royale. (YouTube) Yet again, the band is blazing another trail and breaking all conventional rules by resurrecting a classic rock pop-up venue and giving it their own psychedelic -iconic-cult-rock twist complete with BRAND NEW MUSIC. To date, there have been two surprise events which have now caught the attention of music industry professionals such as: Music Supervisors, Editors, Publishers, Booking Agents, A&R’s, Production Companies who have caught on and are showing up with camera equipment, conducting interviews, and snapping photos to capture and document this historic moment. One loyal fan even traveled as far as Las Vegas to catch a glimpse of them and hear their new music (which their fan base of 180,000+ has been patiently waiting to hear). Looks like the wait for new music will not be much longer….

The Boom Boom Room live in action
The purpose of the (Boom Boom Room) event is to garner fan/industry reaction through ‘Live Pre-Production’ in order to gauge which songs will be included on their album: set to record in the early part of March with an estimated completion date of summer of 2015. Allow me to reiterate: this event is something that just doesn’t happen in the industry and uniquely demonstrates the bands’ desire to create music that their fans have the opportunity to give feedback on prior to production. The new music is something that fans have been anticipating and was confirmed in my interview on February 28th with front man, Remington Leith, ‘We are looking at a releasing the album this summer and touring beginning in April along with the release of their first single off the album. “Fan’s keep asking when we will be out on the road and it’s nice to finally give them an answer.’ (Details on tour dates and schedules will be posted on the bands Facebook Page as well as website.

Palaye Royale Samsung Galaxy Note Commercial in Londons Picadilly Circus
Let’s recap what has evolved in the last year: Palaye Royale has accomplished an MTV Music Award after winning first place in MTV’s Musical March Madness in early April of 2014 beating out bands like Coldplay, Fall Out Boys, Linkin Park, and Tokio Hotel, clearly demonstrating their artistry is also of the same high calibre. Even more interesting is that they are the FIRST EVER Independent band in the history of MTV to ever accomplish this feat and were consequently invited to appear on the red carpet at the MTV Movie awards in the same month. They have also performed on the Ernie Ball Stage at Vans Warped Tour as well as The Hard Rock Rising in Las Vegas. All of the above are fan voted accomplishments, all within a few months span. Palaye Royale was also featured in a Global Samsung Galaxy Note commercial alongside their single ‘Get Higher’. The campaign started in Londons’ ‘Picadilly Circus’ on the Teletrons for its visual content. Subsequently, due to the overwhelming response from viewers at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada the campaign continued for a further 18 months. Clearly, this isn’t any ordinary band and the strategic plans that they have charted out for the future of their success is absolutely remarkable and their Iconic imprint has already begun with the Boom Boom Room.

Palaye Royale Fan Gina Steger with Remington Leith
Collaborations are already in the works with Canadian, American and German Executives and plans for future projects may be mentioned at a later date. Suffice to say, this band isn’t slowing down any time soon and 2015 is already looking to be yet another giant stepping stone for their career with new accomplishments already under their belt and a very definitive path paved into the future.

“Since last year, we have been performing live a lot more and we are really getting to know where our strengths and weaknesses are in that process. We keep growing as a band but are never satisfied because we always know there is something we can improve on. It feels amazing to perform our new music for our fans live (at the Boom Boom Room) because we get to see their reactions and it is cool to see the great reception we are getting. People are dancing and truly enjoying what we have been working hard on. It has been a lot of hard work but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We have gone through a lot of necessary and challenging steps to get it to this point but it’s the only thing we want to do,” said Remington.

Feedback from fans who attended the Boom Boom Room have already begun tricking through: “They set the house on fire! They are amazing musicians… very humble, that’s one thing that I appreciate: when musicians are humble. Their (new) music is breathtaking. They are very talented and I loved meeting them. The crowd around them are really good people, lots of respect,” said Michelle Lambertz of Los Angeles, California.

Palaye Royale with fan Michelle Lambertz
“Palaye Royale did incredible! Their energy was infectious, they rocked out, and they have an insane amount of talent. I drove from Las Vegas to see them perform, and the performance was more than worth the drive. The music they performed was also incredible. Everything they performed that night was new; besides one song. Being able to hear what they’re going to be putting out next made me extremely excited for their new stuff. If I could get my hands on it now, I would. Meeting the guys was an amazing experience too. They were so humble and nice, and are truly a band to look out for. It was one of the best nights of my life, and I can’t wait for more from them,” said Gina Steger who made the trek to the Boom Boom Room all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada just to meet the band.

‘We feel that what we created and are about to record is honest, true, and pure. It is what we feel the music industry has been missing,” said Remington. Having had a brief listen to some of the new music via You Tube and Facebook clips from the event from attendees, each song is congruent to who Palaye Royale are as a TRUE Rock Band of the future: innovative, unique and iconic. From Sebastian Danzigs’ distinguished guitar playing to Emerson Barrett’s precise beat on drums combined with Remington’s powerful vocals, the music is something that will give fans the ‘boomerang’ effect; transporting them back to classic sounds of the past and propel them right back into a futuristic sound that I can assure you has NOT been heard to date. “All the songs were written in the place we are living and we feel we have truly captured the essence of it in the new music. The creative juices were definitely flowing here and we are excited to be moving forward with the recording process now and going on the road,” said Remington.

This is Indie Rock at its finest folks! Here we have a truly innovative and iconic band which clearly is going for the gold. Be sure to check out their Social Media platforms to stay connected (see below)

MTV March Musical Maddness Palaye Royale Champion
Samsung Galaxy Note Video
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Twitter @PalayeRoyale

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