Palaye Royale


General Management Inquires:

Palaye Royale Management

Stephanie Rachel at The Parliament Management | 702.376.7033

*Palaye Royale is exclusively managed by The Parliament*


Palaye Royale Booking Agent: Ralph James at The Agency | 416.368.5599















Canadian Radio & PR Team:
Canadian Radio Tracking:

Linda Singer at Linda Singer Productions Inc.
514.737.8073 | Cel: 514.894.2996

Canadian Public & Media Relations:
Irene Carroll & Associates

USA Radio & PR Team:

Total Recluse | Radio Promotion & Publicity
Rich Michalowski | 213.494.7362 |

UK Radio & TV Team
All About Promo (
+44 (0) 207.637.5435

Band | Press | Licensing Inquiries:

Band Legal: King, Holmes, Paterno & Berliner, LLP
Band Business Manager: M3Management

Booking Agent: Ralph James at The Agency

General Information

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